Need steel fabrication in Coventry, Warwick or Solihull? What to look for in a good supplier for your mezzanine, Balcony or staircase

If you are undertaking a construction project and need to find the best steel fabricator to take care of your balcony, mezzanine, fire-escape or staircase, there are a number of indicators that could ensure you find the best firm for the job.

Any steel fabricated structure that needs to be fitted to your precise requirements is a job for a company with considerable experience and expertise in the field. Faults or mistakes could be very expensive and reparations could set your project back – this is one area where cost cutting can go horribly wrong.

Make sure your potential contractor has a track record producing the kind of structure you need and to the right specifications. Longevity in business as well as happy clients willing to give a recommendation is always a positive sign.

A good provider should be friendly, open and happy to discuss your needs. Look out for a defensive attitude or the hard sell. Any reputable firm will be happy for you to visit them, or see past work, where possible.

The right fabricator for your will be able to provide the all round service you need, from preparing with cleating or clamping, to the finish too, such as powder coating or galvanising. Fabricating any structure from steel will require a range of cutting and welding techniques, which your chosen firm should be able to provide.

TSF is a great example of a firm providing fabrication services local to the Warwick, Solihull, Coventry and other areas. They provide complex specialist structures and are recommended locally as structural steel specialists, as well as supplying steel to the construction industry and stainless steel and aluminium to the catering trade.